THEQA offers the most comprehensive IT lifecycle services to meet every IT infrastructure and security needs with a strong service delivery structure.

Our services for your IT infrastructure include planning, designing, implementing, supporting and enhancing technology to meet your business' mission, vision and goals. We deliver world -class solutions across enterprise platforms, networking, storage, security and enterprise management that are strengthened by strategic alliances with major global technology leaders.

With the ever growing scope of technology, it has nearly become impossible for most organizations to be a keen expert when it comes to so many new hardware and software products and solutions.

THEQA’s greatest proficiency lies in providing state-of-the-art products, services and IT infrastructure solutions that customers can rely upon on a long-term basis. Our professional services' strategy resides in allowing our customers to successfully combine cost and performance optimization with flexibility and availability of IT infrastructures

Service Specifications

We conduct a comprehensive review of customer’s infrastructure, examining the environment to verify that it is performing optimally and to help customers taking full advantage of in place products and technologies.

The following are the key areas and processes that take place through our infrastructure reviews:

  •   Architecture Review - To evaluate the network design of environment and the connectivity within and between data centers, remote locations and other networks;
  •   Infrastructure Configuration Review - To assess the configurations of servers against known vendor and industry best practices, and any known issues associated with the deployed product;
  •   Infrastructure Health Check - To examine your current infrastructure environment, detects any deficiencies or problems, and provides appropriate recommendations. To help verify that your services are healthy, and you have good practices in place, so your infrastructure services are continually reliable and robust.

THEQA provides infrastructure products configuration exploration and review for pre-implemented products and integration consultancy.

THEQA experts:

  • Assess specific business and technical problems and needs;
  • Architect the appropriate enterprise solution across all critical conceptual components to determine key solution components, and outline high-level solution architecture;
  • Build custom roadmaps to address enterprise implementation, taking into consideration the solution complexity, cost, fault tolerance, performance, and scalability.

THEQA professionals will design the appropriate enterprise solution across all critical infrastructure components (products and beyond) including:

  • Detailed functional design;
  • Product configuration;
  • Capacity planning;
  • Connectivity;
  • Specifications and licenses.

They will then proceed into moving to scope and plan all components of implementation.

THEQA professionals will:

  • Build and deploy the infrastructure components of our enterprise solutions, including integration with other components across THEQA services, products and solutions;

  • Monitor deployments to ensure adherence to in-place regulatory, processes and policy requirements.

THEQA professionals will:

  • Develop ongoing enhancements to deployed solutions on the operational level including ongoing update, roll-outs and training delivery;
  • Ensure that configuration control processes, administration and maintenance processes are in use and are being used efficiently.

THEQA professionals will perform a Post- Implementation review to ensure change controls meets regularly and operational compliance and make the necessary controls to cover new operational practices and controls.

THEQA professionals will produce customized SLA's for mission critical operations with:

  • Different levels of response time;
  • Regular onsite scheme;
  • Consultancy;
  • On-demand services;
  • Remote instant real time support;

Incident packs support.